shipping documentation


Documentation is critical as most of the materials that IPS supply form an integral
part of structures that often require third party inspection and governmental approvals.
Most likely you will need all sorts of documents for financial and logistic purposes.

For instance the Certificate of Origin by our local Chamber of Commerce or T1/T2-documents.
EX1 documents are made and approved by internet connection with the customs. Also, upon request, we will make them directly accessible to you, ensuring no lose time in waiting for your documentation.

We have selected Adobe Acrobat and its Portable Document Format which allows us to
use PDFs from our subsuppliers when available and in other cases scanned paper

PDF-files can be read with every standard installation of Windows. However, if missing, the software Acrobat Reader is distributed at no cost from Adobe.

If you want to exchange ideas about handling documentation, do not hesitate to contact us.