When new industrial plants or power stations are constructed or when they must be expanded or have maintenance.

Engineering, contracting companies or end-users are in need of different types of materials. The MTO include pipes, fittings, plates, bolts, valves and many other components in various material grades in large quantities for manufacturers production or small quantities which only stockists can supply.


Purchasing all these items from the very specialised suppliers, manufacturers means splitting the MTO to many seperate orders and handling can become a major management problem. Instead of concentrating on getting the job finished, time is lost and manpower is tied up with expediting and coordinating many different orders.

Our long experience and knowledge of MRO materials and the market enable us to supply complete packages for his type of requirement against competative prices and ensuring deadlines are met. Our wide range of products cover most of our customers needs.

In this field IPS TRADE FZE has succesfully supplied packages of complex materials ranging from carbon steel through to special boiler grades and stainless steels for some of the most prestigious new project worldwide such as new refineries, power plants or offshore platforms ets.

Having just one supplier in IPS TRADE FZEfor complex material lists means saving time and money.