High Quality dished ends

For vessel construction, tank construction or boiler construction Plates of any grade suitable for fabrication are made into ends special pressings.

This applies to boiler plates, fine grained structural and CrNi steels.

Our program includes:

type ends of grades RST 37-2, HII; 4301.1.4541, 1.4571, 304L, 316L having a diameter up to 1200 mm can be deliverded from stock.

Hot pressing range (deep drawing):
- Dished ends, Klopperform type and all other types up to a diameter of 2000mm and a thickness   of 120mm.
- Hemispheres pressed in one single unit, up to a diameter of 1600mm and a wallthickness of   100mm.

Cold-forming (dishing and flanging):
- Klopperform type as well as any other types of ends in excess of 2000mm and up to a   wallthickness of 35mm.
- Dished ends whose insrted round is larger than the maximum width of a rolled plate, two piece or   multiple  piece welded.
- Dished ends and hemispheres in excess of 8000mm an 1600mm, respectively, welded and   combining spherical crowns and segments.